Polymex P-5005 2K Transparent Epoxy Stone Carpet Binder

It is an epoxy-based, two-component, solvent-free, transparent, fast-curing, UV-resistant, top coat transparent epoxy coating stone binder material.

It is used in the building, on colored quartz non-slip coatings, and in transparent topcoat floor coating systems with high UV resistance.

Features and Advantages:

-Easy to apply.

-It is transparent.

– Resistant to UV and weather conditions.

-Low viscosity.

-Does not contain solvents.

-Mechanical strength is high.

– Resistant to water, sea water, waste water, alkalis, acid solutions, salt water, mineral oils and fuels.

Storage and Shelf Life:

It should be stored in its unopened original package, in a cool and dry environment, protected from frost. In short-term storage, maximum 3 pallets should be placed on top of each other and shipment should be made with a first-in, first-out system. In long-term storage, pallets should not be placed on top of each other. 12 months from the date of manufacture under suitable storage conditions. Opened packages should be stored under appropriate storage conditions and used within 1 week.


20.kg 21 kg set or Barrel Sequins

Epoxy Component A: 14, kg can

Epoxy Component B: 7. kg tin can


Surface Preparation: Polymex-5005; The coating surface on which the Transparent Epoxy Floor Coating will be applied must be free of dust, dirt, oil and other substances that will prevent adhesion. The application should be done within the recoating period of the coating system. In case of application on old coatings, our Technical Service should be consulted for the application method. The tensile strength of the application surface should be 1.5 N/mm2 and the humidity should be maximum 4%. Care should be taken to ensure that the floor temperature is +3 °C above the humidity point and it should be this way for at least 6 hours.

To mix up:

Polymex-5005; Transparent Epoxy Floor Coating is supplied in ready-to-use sets according to the mixing ratio. Before starting the mixture, it should be ensured that the material temperatures are between +15/+25°C.

Component A should be mixed thoroughly for 3 – 4 minutes with a 300 – 400 rpm mechanical mixer fitted with an Epoxy/Polyurethane Resin mixing tip, without entraining air into it. Next, all of the B component should be poured into the A component and make sure that there is no material left in the B component. Polymex P-5005; A+B should be mixed for at least 3 minutes until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. The material at the edge and bottom of the mixing bowl should be thoroughly mixed. The material in the first mixing bowl should be taken into a clean bowl and rested for a while, mixed again for about 1 minute and used. Solvent Free Topcoat Clear Stone Binder


Polymex-5005; Transparent Epoxy Floor Coating should be applied to the surface with the help of a squeegee or a roller trowel. The surface should be sufficiently combed to minimize traces.



If the stone is used as a binder (8 kg resin is used for 100 kg stone.)

0,400-1.00-3.00 per m2, kg/m2 if used on the floor

Matters to be Considered in Application:

Polymex-5005; Transparent Epoxy Floor Coating In application, if the ambient and surface temperature is below +8 °C or above +25 °C, appropriate temperatures should be expected. In addition, application should not be made  in extremely hot, rainy or windy weather. In applications to be made at suitable temperatures, the materials to be used should be added to the application area 1-2 days beforehand.

must be brought, stored and adapted to environmental conditions. In applications to be made in extremely cold weather, the ambient and floor temperature should be increased with the help of heaters, and the packages should be conditioned at +20/+25 °C to make them ready for use in order to increase the workability of the material. Solvent Free Topcoat Clear Stone Binder Epoxy and polyurethane based floor systems should be applied by expert applicators. Working and reaction times of resin-based systems are affected by ambient and ground temperature and relative humidity in the air. At low temperatures, the chemical reaction slows down, which extends the working time, coating time and working time. At the same time, consumption increases as viscosity increases. Solvent-Free Topcoat Transparent Stone Binder

High temperatures increase the chemical reaction and the times mentioned above are shortened accordingly. In order for the entire material to cure, the ambient and ground temperature should not fall below the minimum allowable temperature. After the completion of the coating, the coating should be protected from direct water contact for at least 24 hours. If there is water contact, this will create carbonation and softening on the coating, which will cause the coating to lose its properties. In such a situation, the entire coating should be removed from the floor and renewed.

Polymex-5005; Transparent Epoxy Flooring is supplied in ready-to-use sets. During the application, solvent etc. should not be added to the mixture.

The difference of transparent epoxy floor coating is a material called epoxy chemical resin and used in many fields. In recent years, its use has been increasing, especially in the construction sector. Its durability, which is among the features of its structure, plays a major role in the proliferation of its usage areas. Transparent epoxy floor coating not only increases the durability of the floors, but also supports it to gain a more elegant appearance. It can be applied on any type of floor. It is also considered as a protective layer. Transparent epoxy floor coating, as the name suggests, is colorless. No color difference is observed on the covered area. It makes the floor smoother and waterproof. The durability of the epoxy material affects the floor on which it is used. Transparent epoxy floor coating is not used in areas exposed to too much weight. It is possible and quite easy to repair against any risk of accidental wear. Hygiene is at the forefront as it does not hold dust. The rate of preference is high in the areas where it is kept in the foreground. It ensures that the floor is more beautiful and uniformly smooth. Therefore, it can be used to correct the visual. On average, its thickness varies between 1 millimeter and 3 millimeters. Since it is waterproof, it also undertakes the task of waterproofing in a way. It will be noticed that the details of the floor become more clear after this treatment. It can be used easily even for the renewal of a worn floor. clear epoxyAfter the floor covering process is completed, the innovation on the surface will be very noticeable.


Tools and equipment used after the application should be cleaned with solvent. POLYMEX Polymex -5005; After hardening, it can only be cleaned from the surface by mechanical methods


Security precautions:

Transparent Epoxy Floor Coating It is dangerous to approach storage and application areas with fire. Storage and application areas should be ventilated. During the application, work clothes, protective gloves, goggles and mask should be used in accordance with the occupational and worker health rules. Due to the irritating effects of uncured materials,

It should not come into contact with the skin and eyes, in case of contact, it should be washed with plenty of water and soap, and if swallowed, a doctor should be consulted immediately. Food and beverage materials should not be brought into the application areas. It should be stored out of the reach of children.


All technical data contained in this product data sheet are based on laboratory tests. The data obtained in reality, AŞY POLYMEKS KİMYA SAN TİC LTD ŞTİ. may vary due to circumstances beyond our control.

P-5005-2K Transparent Epoxy Stone Carpet Binder


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